A Guide To Waste Disposal

An Eco Friendly business, CCR encourages environmentally-safe, construction waste recycling, and as such only accepts approved demolition and building waste, as listed below:

  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Timber
  • Iron and Steel
  • Sand and Soil
  • VENM (virgin excavated natural material/clean fill)
  • Mixed demolition materials

CCR cannot accept Prohibited Material as shown:

  • Putrescible Waste (domestic waste/food)
  • Asbestos fibre and matrix
  • Used Tyres
  • Green Garden Waste
  • Batteries
  • Gas tanks or cylinders
  • CCF Treated Timber Products
  • Petroluem or oil contaminated materials
  • Paints or chemicals
  • Styrofoam Packaging and Insulated Materials
  • Carpet
  • Mattresses
  • Computers
  • Television Sets

CCR reserves the right to refuse prohibited materials from being brought on site. If these materials are discovered among incoming loads, CCR will dispose of the prohibited material appropriately however, penalties will apply.